Shyne Advisors. 

Innovative coaching and content for quiet leaders.

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We help introverted executives become authentic, powerful storytellers who connect purposefully when the stakes are high.

We are creative advocates for quiet leaders who want to become better communicators.  

We believe:

  • Introverts are exceptional communicators, when they play to their strengths
  • Authenticity matters more than polish
  • Leaders who are original and human are more engaging; your audiences prefer the real you, not the corporate you 

  • Volume isn’t vision, but silence isn’t golden when your people need to hear what you think

Shyne Advisors was founded by Tom Yorton, the former CEO of Second City Works, who used the unlikely tools of comedy and improv to help over 5,000 leaders communicate and collaborate better with their people. 

We use our insider insights and outsider methods to shore up skills and generate killer content that helps you connect confidently.  With vast experience helping executives in all types of companies, Tom and his network of artful collaborators are showing introverts--perhaps 50% of the population--fresh ways to engage their people. 

Let’s make a quiet riot. Together.

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Hello, I'm Tom.

I help quiet leaders communicate confidently. 

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting my insider-outsider brain.  Uniquely evolved to help reserved leaders become extraordinary communicators.


Business Runner

I’ve thrived as an officer in two Fortune 100 Companies, bootstrapped a small business into a medium-sized one, and built a vibrant startup. I’ve had enough boardroom wins an butt-whuppins to be useful to you.


Marketing Guy

I built blue chip brands in my first career and now use those same marketing tools and techniques to help quiet clients understand, reach and win their people over.  Know your goals. Have a plan. Respect your audience enough to give them your best. 


quiet Leader

I built Shyne Advisors because I understand the struggles quiet leaders face. Let me share some amazing lessons I learned during my career as a reserved guy in a noisy world.


Improv Comedy CEO

As CEO of Second City Works, I used comedy and improv to help over 5,000 senior leaders connect better with their people. Wild success. Category changing impact. Co-wrote a bestselling leadership communications book. Oh, and I laughed my ass off.

My work’s been featured in

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...and I also co-wrote this great book on leadership communication.