You Don't Need a Makeover.


We're for quiet executives who want to be stronger communicators, without becoming someone they're not.

We're for leaders who believe the growing body of research that recognizes the unheralded attributes of introverts in a world that celebrates extroverts.

Their patience, persistence and creativity.  Their ability to focus, listen and connect deeply with people.

You know, the stuff that worked for Lincoln and Ghandi. Timeless and timely. We'll put it to work for you.

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We coach and co-create with the...

  • Misunderstood leader, whose poker face doesn't show how much she cares
  • Technically gifted leader, who has brilliant ideas but needs to inspire followership
  • Next gen leader, who is succeeding the founder and needs to find his own voice
  • Subject matter expert, who needs to make the subject matter matter to her people
  • Low volume leader, who has firm beliefs but a soft style
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We do this when communication counts. When...

  • A new leader takes over
  • There’s a big organizational change
  • Staff or investors need to get behind a critical initiative
  • There's a company crisis that demands attention
  • There are engagement or morale issues 
  • Things are going well but the team needs a new hill to climb
  • You're making a high stakes presentation and you're looking for a barf bag

Our Ideal Clients...

  • Realize their leadership communication is vital to their organization's success

  • Are excited to try new things that work for them

  • Are a little subversive...ready to challenge conventional wisdom on what great leadership communication looks like

  • Are eager to communicate authentically so they can lead better and help their companies grow