We give introverted leaders unstoppable confidence as communicators.



We help in three ways, depending on your needs: 



What You Get:

Custom Insights
+ Personal Communication Playbook

Be more intentional about your written, interpersonal and presentational communication.  Rebalance it strategically, around your preferences. Set yourself up for success with every audience and forum.



What You Get:

Productive Practice
+ Improved Skills

Where can you improve? Sharpen writing, interpersonal communication and presentation skills with instructors who understand your style. Practice helps.  We make it suck less.



What You Get:

Killer Content
+ Genuine Connection

When you need extra help, we’ll create killer content that brings your story to life in video, photography, live events, music, and gorgeous design.  Learn some new recipes.  Put some cumin in your communication.

Wherever you start, you'll get



Getting Started:
One-Day Jumpstart Workshop

Get immediate help with our one-day Jumpstart workshop.  We’ll spend an energizing day at your offices and learn about your message priorities, communications preferences and company communication flow.

You’ll get a written report out of the session that will:

• Synthesize message priorities into one or two compelling themes

• Suggest fresh ways to act on your communication preferences

• Change how you’re using company communications to play up your strengths 

A fast, uplifting, actionable way to start. Provides a solid foundation for deeper work (optional).