Shyne Advisors gives introverted leaders unstoppable confidence as communicators.

We help in three ways, depending on your needs: 

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We observe.

Leaders communicate differently. 

How do you write, present or engage in small groups? Where are you most comfortable and effective? Would your people agree? We’ll ask a few folks, watch you in action and review your greatest hits.

A picture will emerge. You’ll see your strengths and opportunities with new eyes. 

The kicker:  as your people see you working to connect better with them, they’ll do the same with you. 

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We wrangle and game plan your communication.

Organizations have rhythm. Weekly staff meetings, quarterly townhalls, annual sales conferences. Ongoing emails, calls and meetings. Too often, rhythm turns to rut.  You submit to communications patterns that underscore your shortcomings.

We can fix that.  We’ll set goals and jiu jitsu your company communications to work for you.

Maybe you’re cautious and want to show more warmth and spontaneity. Maybe you’re new and need to build rapport with skeptics. Maybe your people are gassed and you need to show gratitude.

We’ll build your Personal Playbook, a written plan that weaves your stylistic preferences and messaging goals into your company’s communications calendar.  We’ll give you a game plan for every audience and forum.

You’ll take charge.  In a silent way.

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We support you with Ringers and Rock Stars.  Literally.

Now, let’s bring the plan to life.

First, we’ll skill you up

We’ll size up your written, interpersonal and presentational skills. Depending on what you need, we can call on a range of specialist coaches: from theatre directors and Grammy nominated songwriters, to graphic designers, comedy writers and mindfulness experts.  Talented people who work discreetly and make presentation, storytelling, creative business writing and interpersonal communication fun.   Because learning shouldn’t suck.

Second, we’ll co-create content that finally reveals your storytelling strengths. 

You love to doodle but hate to present?  We turn your doodles into a clever animated video about the new strategy. 

You need buy in after a re-org, but fear looking nervous and stiff?  We’ll create a lively, candid talk show to replace your Powerpoint at the next leadership conference.  You’re the guest of honor who will have help carrying a weighty message.

You’ll be stronger and closer than ever to your people.  Because you’ll be you.  For once. 

Reserved, introspective, magnificently powerful you.


Getting Started: One-Day Jumpstart Workshop

Get immediate help with our one-day Jumpstart workshop.  We’ll spend an energizing day at your offices and learn about your message priorities, communications preferences and company communication flow.

You’ll get a written report out of the session that will:

• Synthesize message priorities into one or two compelling themes

• Suggest fresh ways to act on your communication preferences

• Change how you’re using company communications to play up your strengths 

A fast, uplifting, actionable way to start. Provides a solid foundation for deeper work (optional).